Where’s My Brain?

Today was “One of Those Days” that you hear everyone ambiguously speak of. Ya know…when you hair looks bad, you get a flat tire, and the boy you have a crush on tells you that you have a buger in your nose…yeah, one of those days.

So…I was flying to Canada for a corporate gig. From the moment I woke up, everything I touched turned to disaster; but the deodorant stains on my shirt and my burnt toast seemed like “small potatoes” after the nice smiley-American-Airlines-lady asked me for my passport. Immediately, my heart sank as I realized…I didn’t have it. I missed my flight. As I made the hour-long drive-of-shame back to my apartment, I transferred my ticket to the last possible flight that would get me to Canada on time. But no…all wasn’t solved. After tearing my bedroom apart in search of the illusive passport, I called my mom and my worst fear was confirmed; it was 12 hrs away at my parents house in AZ. So my sister jumped on a plane to bring it to me.

Right when I arrived back at the airport, something prompted me to double check the equipment in my bag. I had repacked my bag when I went back to my apartment and I had forgotten to put my wireless pickup pack back in. I couldn’t believe it! At this point I was feeling beyond stupid. I Called my roommate, who was an angel about the whole affair and jumped into her car to bring me my wireless pack. No biggie…just a 45 min drive for her :/

I was trying not to panic, so I bought some pretzels and sat down to take some deep breaths. I had only eaten one pretzel when I accidentally spilled the bag all over the floor. The nice man next to me helped me pick them up and throw them away. Then I called my mom, and through tears explained that I had just spilled all my pretzels! At first she was confused lol until I told her the previous chain of events.

So there I sat, with no pretzels, helplessly praying that my roommate and sister would arrive in time. I started having flashbacks to my track days…it seriously felt like I was waiting for the baton in a relay race. As soon as my sister Jennifer got off her plane, we made the passport handoff, I checked in, ran outside wait for the arrival of my roommate, and with the remaining 20 minutes I went through security and hustled to my flight.

As I ran to the plane, a nice man chased me down to hand me my shirt which had fallen out of my bag, and upon exiting the plane, the young missionary sitting next to me reminded me not to forget my lap top which I had completely forgotten about under the seat in front of me (thank you both!)  Once I arrived in Toronto with my equipment, I didn’t even care that my flight was an hour late and that my car service forgot me; at least I had made it!

I am usually a pretty sound, responsible human being, but I was an absolute wreck this entire day. I think so many things had gone wrong and I was so disgusted with myself that my brain literally shut down and just stopped trying. By the time I finally got to my hotel I only had 4 hrs to sleep, but none the less, I read my scriptures, said my prayers and I went to sleep. I put that day behind me and I promised myself that the next day WOULD be better.

I guess the moral of this story is this: We all have negative days,but that doesn’t mean we are pessimistic. We all do stupid things, but that doesn’t mean we are stupid. It’s important to be able to distinguish between what happens to us and who we are, and look forward with hope for new and better days ahead!

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