Together We Can Make This World a Better Place

There were SOOO many incredible submissions for this year’s Inova Violin contest! It was amazing to watch and read about all the service you guys did!  (Have I ever told you that my fans are the best? Yep. My fans are definitely the best!) Along with the three lucky winners (I couldn’t just pick one ha ha), I wanted to feature this entry submitted by Dylan Teter because #1 It’s awesome and #2 It made me laugh like crazy :)  Thank you again to all who participated; together we can make this world a better place!



Today on my way to the airport I saw a man with some luggage in the subway station looking very confused. I asked him if he needed help getting to the airport. He spoke little English, which explained his troubles. I pointed to my suitcase and said “airport” and stuck my arms out like a plane. He understood and I motioned him to follow me. I had no idea what I was getting into.

There was little conversation on the subway ride but I learned his name was Wei and he was going to Beijing. At the airport I helped him check his bag and we walked to security. But after I went through I saw Wei still waiting for his bag. They pulled his bag out and took him aside. They searched his bag and uncovered three jars of jam. Very adamant that the jars stay, Wei put them back and yelled in Chinese. TSA was not pleased. I talked to the man and explained that Wei didn’t speak English and was probably unaware of the three-ounce-liquid rule. Then we were taken to a small room. I started to get a little worried.

A man labeled “Explosives Expert” walked in. He tried to question Wei to no avail so turned to me and asked “Where are you going,” “How long will you be staying,” and such questions. I explained that I had just met Wei but the expert was not interested. Wei was still frustrated and confused. I was a nervous wreck trying to explain to an explosives expert why I was trying to get three suspicious jars onto an airplane. I pulled up Google Translate on my phone to explain things to Wei. He reluctantly gave up the jars after I told him that they could be mailed. We were finally released and back on our way.

I had time before my flight but Wei missed his. I knew he would never be able to get this sorted so I went to find out how to help. I explained the situation and Wei was given a ticket for a flight three hours later. I gave Wei a hug goodbye before running across the terminal to my flight, barely making it.

It was quite the ordeal but I am glad it happened. I don’t know what Wei would have done had I not been there. I attached the photo of myself and Wei. I thought you would like to know what affect you are having on people around the world like us.

Love, Dylan Teter

Dylan will be the  recipient of two complimentary VIP tickets to any one of my concerts.  :D

Thanks Dylan!

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