Oooga Boooga Boogie man

When we were younger, whenever we went camping my sisters and I would play oooga boooga Boogie Man in the tent. One of us would be the boogie man by putting a sleeping bag over ourhead and running around trying to catch the others. This wonderful game was brought back to life yesterday and it is so much more fun in a bounce house!

I was home with my family in AZ for the weekend and my 21 year old sister Marina had a birthday party. For this event she rented a bounce house and it wasn’t getting picked up till Monday. So after church on Sunday we decided to play. Oh yes, everyone that was there…mom and dad included. As we were bouncing around like enthusiastic sugar filled children we remembered how we used to play boogie man and we couldn’t resist. We also used pillows and blankets to close line and attack the poor blind boogie man. This intensified the game and made it much more age appropriate;) I haven’t had that much fun in a long time, we were all laughing hysterically and it was so funny to see my parents getting so into it.

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