Laundry Bandit

My sister Brooke and I were doing laundry today at the public Laundromat nearby. We were switching our laundry in and out of machines when a pretty attractive fellow struck up a conversation with me. Can I just pause for one moment to say that I think that …

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Its My Birthday!!!!

So, today is that special day that only comes once a year. 24 years ago on this very day, I was birthed. Thank you mamma Stirling, the best mommy in the world.

Every year I make sure that people know its my birthday. Not in an annoying or …

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Playing the game

I am really excited to announce that I am taking a jump into the dark and I am going to try out the life of a musician. Yep yep, I just decided to take one semester off from my schooling at BYU and explore the performance world. …

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Back To “Normal”

SO for the past 8 months this talent competition has been a featured part of my life. Because of contracts, I wasn’t aloud to tell anyone about it for months and months, however, that made it all the more exciting. I would tell my friends and co-workers that i …

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Oooga Boooga Boogie man

When we were younger, whenever we went camping my sisters and I would play oooga boooga Boogie Man in the tent. One of us would be the boogie man by putting a sleeping bag over ourhead and running around trying to catch the others. This wonderful game was brought …

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Little Lindsey

When I was a little girl my family was extremely poor. All our appliances were outdated by about two decades, we never had the latest toys, and my mother remembers wishing she could afford sour cream at the grocery store. In spite of our meager circumstances, and bleak outlook, …

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Move over Indiana!

One thing that I would like to make perfectly clear is the fact that I am not very smooth.  Nope on the contrary;  I am a clutz. To emphasize this point I had an experience just about 45 minutes ago that I will enlighten you with.

So, just this afternoon, …

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