Linsdey Stirling App

After getting requests for this for awhile, and now the long awaited day is here!  We just released a free official mobile app! Lindsey Stirling’s official app gives fans up-to-the-minute access to Lindsey! Watch her latest music videos, check out her newest photos, and of course, listen to her …

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Leave an Impact

I just visited 4 countries in the past 4 days: Germany, Austria, UK, and I am currently on a plane heading back to the US.  Whew!  I think that is quite an accomplishment, even if I do say so myself  ;)  I  literally ran from one thing to the …

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Where’s My Brain?

Today was “One of Those Days” that you hear everyone ambiguously speak of. Ya know…when you hair looks bad, you get a flat tire, and the boy you have a crush on tells you that you have a buger in your nose…yeah, one of those days.

So…I was flying to …

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Band Family

So my band…my band. I’ve posted videos of them online, I rock-out with them on stage every day…but I’ve never stated how much I love these guys. I think it’s fair to say that in terms of both musicality and personality, I couldn’t have picked better band members. Ironically, …

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Too Much Luggage

As I mentioned previously, I recently went to Italy and the tour paid for my mom to come along. Since neither of my parents had ever been to Europe, we bought my dad a plane ticket and the three of us got to spend two weeks together in my …

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Sharing the Stage

Several weeks ago I played an outdoor concert on the streets of a quaint town in Italy. Everything was going well until the middle of my show when a woman joined me on the stage. I wasn’t sure what she was doing until I saw that she was she …

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Disco Twin

So I went disco skating the other night and, of course, I dressed in the best disco outfit my closet could supply. Well, I was skating my little heart out when I saw my twin whiz by. Some random guy had the audacity to match me. …

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