New album begins

I’ve already mentioned how nervous I was to return home after tour.  Well…part of that is due to the fact that I am going home for the sole purpose of writing a new album.   Ahhh!!!  Talk about intimidating!  I am so scared!  Last time I created an album, I wasn’t even trying to write an album; I was just making songs for “kicks” and no one really knew or cared.  But now…now I have fans all around the world, some of whom have been positively impacted by my music, and I want to continue creating new, uplifting, inspiring music for them.  I want to keep touring, to keep making videos, to keep doing what I love.  But all of that hinges on: DUN DUN DUUUUUN… my next album.

So I keep telling myself, ‘It’s no big deal; just do it like you’ve always done; you can do it.’  But sometimes a little fear creeps in, and then I start worrying: ‘What if it’s not as good as my first album?  Will my fans like it?  And even more importantly, will I be happy with it?’  When I have these thoughts though, I have to remind myself that God is in control and that HE WANTS me to succeed just as much as I do.  He helped inspire me to write my first album and He put miracles in place that made all of that possible.  And I believe that He will continue to help me and inspire me.  Not only have I felt His guiding influence, I have been so blessed to have the help of angels on Earth (my family, my friends, and my fans all over the world), who have given me amazing support and who have made it possible for me to pursue my dreams and make them a reality.  We all have unique talents, a purpose, and work to do.  I don’t think my work is done yet…so hitherto and therefore, stay tuned!  God will help me write the songs I need to sing.

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  • Monika Robert says:

    Hi Lindsey, I just wanted to say that I first heard your music the night my husband of 32 years died. I felt something like a revelation that my life wasn”t over that there was life out there and I had something to do yet. He was a musician and sound tech and I aspire to be a musician but have a great love of music and your music has helped me to bear and come through a difficult and trying time in my life. Thank you so much for your gift to me you may never know how much you did to help me to heal and grow. Thank you again so much and may God continue to bless you. Monika Robert

  • jimmy says:

    lindsey i love your dub step music keep doing what your doing your great hope you dont mind comments from old fans i e 50 plus so keep playing and ill keep listening

  • Frank Leonhardt says:

    it.will be good

  • Jason says:

    Indeed you are a god-send, Lindsey. Your music videos are not only entertaining, your music is played into the souls of those who listened. Just be yourself and let God be your guide and inspiration. Music is not only for entertaining, but also needed for people who are seeking peace of mind and healing from traumatic experiences. You are really lucky to do what your doing because a lot of people have no idea what their purposes are, not listening to God can get people lost. Let your music be a guide to these people and help them to be found again.\r\n\r\nGod bless you! ^_^

  • Hannah Mcgahan says:

    Lindsey I”m sure it will be awesome!! You music inspired me to play violin and I really feel like I have purpose and talent now. Your words have inspired me as well as your music! Your amazing and a HUGE blessing!! God Bless You!!!

  • roya says:

    I love your songs and videos…i thimk you are amazing…i will happy if i see your new videos.i am from are very popular artist and you have a lot fans in have one persian website in Iran.I will happy if you give me one email.good luck my dear lindsey…

  • Jay King says:

    Lindsey you will do great. you always have done great. your fans all absolutely love your music. and i just cant stop listening to it :) \r\nYour fans will all love you and your music no matter what happens.\r\nThank you for inspiring us all…

  • Alex says:

    That feeling that the work isn”t done yet is the guarantee that you”ll be able to keep finding inspiration to be succesful, as in my experience they come from the same source. You”ll face some challanges along the route, but that”s just another way of Him helping you to become even stronger and better :) Good luck!

  • Clark Eggen says:

    Lindsey! Just wanted to say that I love most your stuff and am very excited for a new album. I really enjoy the first one and all your dubstep/violin if fact I liked it so much I tried picking up the violin myself. I have to admit you make it look easy. Just completed twinkle twinkle little star yesterday. Hope things are going well and you”re the best!!!

  • Lach says:

    What great year Lindsey, I saw you twice in Pittsburgh. The 2nd time on the big stage was really great. Coming home after your fantastic world tour has to feel great. Intimidating, well just remember the first time you sang on stage. I was blown away as I had no idea the voice on your music was yours. I am sure that you are your own worst critic. You will do great on your new album. Be Safe, Be Well Lach

  • Allen says:

    It is refreshing to hear such a wonderfully talented artist put your time, talent and treasure by relying on our creator God for support. Remain faithful, pray and everything will be A-OK. I would like to see you perform in so-cal some day again. I will be looking forward as we all are to the new album.

  • nicole says:

    Lindsey for sure we will enjoy your new album tifiamo all for you and if there are fears that creep let them lose because we all love you and we are and will forever near you … Go Lindsey continues to inspire us and make us dream

  • Robert Wellon says:

    I can imagine it”s a very stressful thing to think about but you need not worry about us. It won”t matter how your new album sounds; we will love it all the same.

  • Jason Yakiwchuk says:

    You can do it Lindsey! I have faith in you! Just let it flow, and don”t worry about whether its better or worse than your first album. Your fans will love whatever you produce!