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I just visited 4 countries in the past 4 days: Germany, Austria, UK, and I am currently on a plane heading back to the US.  Whew!  I think that is quite an accomplishment, even if I do say so myself  ;)  I  literally ran from one thing to the next.  I did everything from late night shows on German TV, to rehearsals at the Google space in London. Most of my time was spent doing interviews and press to promote my album and my upcoming European tour.

My whole day in Vienna was spent doing interviews; 20 interviews to be specific.  And just to be clear…that’s a lot!  It added up to nearly 7 hours of “me” talking about “myself.”  Eeee… At the moment, I am too busy and too “all-over-the-world” to have much of a “dating life” but this is TERRIBLE practice for that lol.  Next time I DO go on a date I will have to remind myself that the poor guy is probably not interested in hearing me yap about myself for an entire evening.

Anyhoo…I had this amazing reality check (I love it when those happen!)  After I performing a showcase for the media, I looked around a room of reporters and watched as they scribbled my comments onto their little note pads, recorded, and shot photos.  I thought to myself, ‘How crazy is it that all of these people are here to talk to me…and for some reason, they and their listeners actually care about what I have to say.  That is so weird to me!  I really want to make sure that I live in a way that I can be proud to be me; live in a way that will uplift others; live in a way that makes God proud.  Because a lot of people are watching.

Then I thought a bit deeper: No matter how big or small we feel our impact is, each of us have people in our lives who listen to and learn from us (by our words or our actions) and they watch how we behave.  We all make an impact.

I walked to the Berlin wall two days ago and it was an extremely humbling experience.  Once a prison like barrier that suffocated people under communist rule, it now has gaps and walkways for people to leisurely pass through at their will and it is covered in a patchwork of colorful art.  When the wall was taken down, artists from all over the world were invited to paint on the wall.  What was once the ultimate symbol of oppression is now a monument of freedom.  What was once the ultimate symbol of oppression is now a monument of freedom.  It stands to remind everyone that freedom is a blessing.  Freedom is not, and never will be free.  It requires sacrifice and faith in the goodness of humanity.  And THAT we should never take it for granted. One artist painted a quote on the wall that rung true to me. It said: “Many small people, in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.”

Honestly, my heroes are the “small” people. They are the people that made me who I am, taught me what I know, and they are the voices that I listen to.

No matter how small your impact may be, it makes a difference, so make it count. Make your influence a good one. Act in a way you would be proud of even if the whole world was watching, because your example could mean the world to just one person.

It is the “small” people who really do change the world.

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