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Team Canada

martin-labbeMartin Labbé
My name is Martin Labbe, but I am also known as the Number one French fan of Lindsey Stirling. I’ve known Lindsey Stirling with her Crystallize video, the most popular video to date.  Since then, I became a real fan of her creations. I won the first video contest  to win a violin given by Lindsey.  It’s in January 2013 that the Lindsey Stirling Canada Facebook page have been created. Few months after, I make the official canadian website.  My job is to promote Lindsey Stirling and keep update all Canadian fans.

francis-gravelFrancis Gravel
My name is Francis Gravel, I discovered Lindsey Stirling in March 2014, by mistake, when I was looking for a walkthrough for the video game Skyrim. I clicked on her cover of the Skyrim theme song with Peter Hollens. I fell over the charm and the talent of Lindsey after listening to Moon Trance. It didn’t take me a lot of time after that to buy her album and my ticket for her show. Also, I had the chance to meet her and eat cereals with her after the show, because I had the Cereal Party VIP. I will never forget this experience. Now I am working to promote Lindsey and talk about her to as many people as possible and in the same time continue to inform the Canadians fans on the last news about Lindsey Stirling.

karine-cyrKarine Cyr
My name is Karine Cyr. I discovered Lindsey Stirling, when I saw a video and BAM…nooooo, it is more complicated than that. First, I saw Crystallize. It is a friend of mine who published it before going to the Corona Theater to see the show. And, after that, another of my friends showed me Lindsey performing Immortal by Evanescence. And I said well…. yeah, I know shame on me. But later in the evening, I went on Youtube and I did listen the whole Crystallize video and all of her other videos and interviews. And then I saw a video where Lindsey said that she didn’t feel pretty when she was young. I thought: ” we’ve been through the same”. Again, forgive me my friend, thanks to Lindsey’s music I enjoy more my life and, also, I learned to play violin. Thank You Lindsey Stirling.