Band Family

So my band…my band. I’ve posted videos of them online, I rock-out with them on stage every day…but I’ve never stated how much I love these guys. I think it’s fair to say that in terms of both musicality and personality, I couldn’t have picked better band members. Ironically, I didn’t even really pick them.

Several months ago, I needed a band for a show. The show was kindof an experiment…to see if a band was a “good move.” These two random guys (Drew and Gavi), were recommended to me and I took a leap of faith. I flew them to NYC, we rehearsed for two days, and then we performed a show at Webster Hall.

The show went amazingly well, so several months later when it came time to put together the tour, who did we call? Drew and Gavi! I honestly didn’t know them very well (considering that I had only spent three days total with them), so I hoped that they were as kind-hearted and respectful as I thought they were, and that I would be able to connect with them.

Well…I lucked out on both accounts. For example, on the first day of our tour, Gavi jumped on the bus with his coffee and sat down next to me. “Oh, man, I love my coffee…” he beamed. Suddenly his eyes widened, he turned his head to look at me, and said in a worried voice, “Oh dear…can I drink this in front of you? I’m sorry….” (I don’t drink coffee.) I laughed and told him that “of course,” he could drink it. Needless to say, both Drew and Gavi have been extremely respectful of me and my standards.

As far as my concern regarding a connection with my band…omg, we have so much fun together! They are constantly making me laugh and they “got my back” if I need them. :)

We even have this joke where I call them “my girls.” Whenever i say that, Drew and Gavi immediately turn into “Becky” and “Saundra,” and they start talking in their “valley girl” voices. It gets me every time…I just die laughing!

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited to have a break from touring, but honestly…

the elements of meeting fans and performing, combined with the privilege of hanging out with Drew and Gavi all the time…heck, I want to stay on the road for the next year! It’s also been great to have my friend Mckay touring with us as the opening act, and it’s been so awesome to have one of my bff’s Whitney as the merchandise manager on the road. We are one giant family! I feel like only fate could have brought us all together because we are such a motley crew, but man, I love these people!

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